Battle Report – 1/28

Got to play my first game since early November tonight. That is way too long to go without getting a game in. Fortunately the holiday business has settled down and our group can get back to playing. Tonight I was joined by Woj and Mike in a 2,000 point Eternal War Crusade mission. Woj brought her Eldar of craftworld Iybraesil while myself each brought 1k from our respective chapters. Obviously I represented Blood Angels while Mike brought his Iron Hands. I’ve played against Woj and her eldar many times, I knew what to expect from the Eldar. However, this was the first time I think I’ve actually played in a game where Iron Hands were on the table. With each of us bringing only 1k in points our list building was pretty limited in respect to the quality of party favors we could bring (Sadly Dante and the Sanguinary guard sat this one out). Iron hands were sporting a sweet Laspred squadron and a Tech Marine so they shored up the backfield and sent LasCannon fire down field all game. The gameplan, Blood Angels would do what they do best, get in their face, tie them up, slow them down and cause pandemonium while the Iron Hands mopped up at range. We had 5 objectives, all were pretty much placed in the middle (we all wanted the carnage). Unfortunately we didn’t get to finish the game. Only  got through three turns since a lot of time was spent talking and catching up, but here the deployments and some of the highlights.


Since I haven’t played in a while I had no problem hauling a FAT Mat and some scenery down to Woj’s place. Pretty simple board we had, no real LOS blocking. Ruins in the middle, various craters and woods around the edges.


We won the roll for first turn and chose to go first. We put the LasPreds behind walls and ruins and deployed around them. Scouts and an IH tac squad in the ruins. A biker squad with grav guns deployed behind each ruin and on the right flank a BA Tac Squad in rhino with an IH Tac squad on foot using it as cover to advance up that side. (There were 2 objectives on the side). An Ironclad Dread roaming our backfield hanging back for when the WraithKnight eventually moved up. 10 Death Company with jump packs were in reserve, as was a Drop Pod with a Furioso in it. I usually like to start with my DC on the board, but with a shit ton of scatter lasers, a Wraithlord, Wraithknight and Vaul D-Cannon going to be deployed I was afraid of them getting shot off the table while moving up.


Woj deployed her Eldar, keeping two units of Guardians behind ruins and statues. Vaul battery in the woods. Dire Avengers posted up in a crater with their pysker attached, Wraithlord in behind a ruin. She also put her Wave Serpents behind ruins right on the line of her deployment zone. Right flank held Wraithguard with D-Scythes and the Left flank had fire dragons on board. Being as we had first turn, a decent number of fast moving relentless grav shots, snipers and a LasPred Squadron (with monster hunter) she decided to put her Wraithknight in reserve. There was unit of 3 war walkers behind the statue with screening her guardians.


I made a ballsy decision to put my drop pod down dangerously close to the table edge in an attempt to get her warlord on first turn, and put a drop pod on that objective to draw the the attention of one of her heavier hitting units during a future shooting phase. Thankfully it didn’t scatter and the furioso waltzed out to do what he does best. Frag cannon made very short work, of the guardians shielding the Farseer and a failed Look out sir and invul save doubled him up for the instakill. Heavy Flamer mopped up the rest giving us First Blood and Slay the warlord on top of turn one. Also it put a very dangerous threat in her backfield. That was OK though, he did his part and if he survived the first turn everything after was a bonus. LasPreds fired on the Wave serpent with the Wraithguard but cover saves kept it from losing all 3 hull points. That was target priority, if they got into range with those D-Scythes it was gg for us. Rhino advanced up the flank with Iron hands slogging behind it using it as cover and some LOS blocking. One biker squad moved up to the center behind the ruins there. Nothing else really significant happened the rest of the turn.


One the Eldar turn, Wave Serpent moved up the right side of the board, the other turned and fired it’s bright lances at the Furioso and thankfully missed, requiring Woj to use  other units to fire that she planned on marching up the board at us. The war walkers and Wraithlord were both needed to take down the Furioso. Wraithlord glanced and then destroyed it’s frag cannon with a bright lance. War Walkers  put 24 scatter laser shots into the rear armor and wrecked it. During the pyschic phase the dire avengers were concealed giving them a nice cover in their craters without needing to go to ground. The Wave serpent on the right flank fired it’s serpent shield and smoked the three biker in the ruins in the center.


Turn 2, Death Company came in. I was going to deepstrike them onto the ruins, you know… the ones you see at the bottom right corner of this picture. Given they couldn’t assault this turn at least they’d be in some cover if the Wraithknight came in. Apparently since the dice gods gave me a no scatter on the gutsy Drop Pod Deep strike, they decided to taketh away on this one and scattered my DC 11″ smack dab into open ground, surrounded by Eldar. Tried to run with them to at least get them over the wall but a 1 reared it’s ugly head and they were stuck in the open.


Since the LasPreds were most likely going to pop that wave serpent the Rhino moved up and the marines on board piled out setting up bolter line to fire on those Wraithguard. Preds popped the Serpent and they had to disembark, Woj was tactical with her disembark cutting off some LOS on a some. Bolters against T6 and 3+ Sv isn’t ideal, but all that fire was able to get one at least. Snipers were able pick off a few Dire Avengers, but they held. We actually didn’t have a single failed Ld Check the whole game on either side.


Kept everything dug in awaiting that Wraithknight to come in from reserves. Dice gods came through for the Imperium and kept it off the table another turn.


Eldar turn 2… I was sure my Death Company was going to be shot off the table… and goddamn… those psychotic lunatics took fire from a guardian squad, a Dire Avenger squad, 3 war walkers (each with two Scatter Lasers), A vaul battery D-Cannon (lucky scatter forced that shot into nothing) and a Wraightlord. All that shooting and they only lost 5. I was waiting for the assault phase and expecting everything to pile in but being as how it was late I’m going to ahead and thank the combination of beer and fatigue that Woj didn’t think charge anything on them. The wave serpent with the fire dragons moved up the left side of the board.

(Sorry but most of the pictures I took at this point are ridiculously blurry so I’m not gonna upload them)

Top of our turn 3 the Laspreds blew up the Wave serpent, and pot shots were taken by the snipers at the Fire Dragons. Bikers moved up and threw a salvo of grav into the wraithguard killing all but one, and the tactical marines put enough bolter shots on that we rolled enough 6s to get an armor save fail. DC charged the walkers and smashed all three with ease. My consolidate was a low roll so I was only able to back up an inch by the statue.


Turn 3 for the Eldar, Wraithknight (How badass is that model!?) strode onto the table pretty much sealing the Death Company’s fate. The cannon blew up the Drop Pod on that back objective which was picked up by the guardians. Wraith Lord moved up Fire Dragons advanced, and warp spiders teleported into our backfield.

By the end of turn 3 it was after midnight and we ended up calling it. The next two turns would have been some solid carnage, and the game probably would have come down to the wire. Didn’t mind though, was my first game in a too long and I was happy to just get some models on the table and roll some dice for a bit. There will be plenty of games in the near future as well as more of these battle reports. Any comments or suggestions for format or how I do them is more than welcome!

In the coming months our group will also be starting a full on story driven narrative campaign! I hope you all will enjoy it and follow along as we update and play through it. In the next few weeks the first post will go up for it introducing the plot, armies, and characters.

Coffee is starting to wear off so it’s time for me to call it a night. I saw on twitter some of you were playing games tonight, how’d they go? Leave a comment and let me know. I’ll be back Wednesday for another edition of Gru’s Bench.



Gru’s Hobby Bench 1/25

Hey all, sorry about the late post tonight. Unfortunately the little one picked up the blessing of father Nurgle at daycare so hobby time has been pretty limited. I’ve also decided that instead of waiting to write this article Wednesday night, I need to write it Tuesday and publish it Wednesday morning before work. I know quite a lot of you are from across the pond and by the time I get it published most of you are already asleep.

This week I’ve put the orks on the back burner for the time being. Seeing so many of you posting up pictures of the amazing jobs you all are doing on your Blood Angels made me want to finish up some units that I only had half done.


This here is a little unit I sometimes run. While expensive it’s durable and packs a helluva punch. It consists of Mephiston (I’ve also run it with a Libby in Terminator Armor), 5 Hammernators and a LR Crusader. Sometimes I’ll add a Sanguinary Priest to this unit depending on what the rest of the list consists of. (And yes, the background is the ruins finished up from last week’s post!)


Not much to talk about here. I built him, primed him but never put any paint on the Lord of Death yet. The little bit of clipped sprue is what I use for rubble on my bases. I’ll prime it and paint it with the same method I did with those ruins. With the astrogranite texture around it it really pulls the base together and makes for a nice, simple base.


I’ve only played a handful of games using the Crusader variant. I originally wanted to use a Redeemer for those sexy flamestorm cannons. Unfortunately I also wanted it to tote around a mini-star so I had to go with the Crusader for the extra transport capacity. The assault cannon and multi-melta add on are nice, but I’m not, nor ever have been sold on Hurricane Bolters. Bolters do very little against the targets I usually send this unit against. It’s hard to tell from the picture but the red is too light and it doesn’t look cohesive with the darker shade of red I have on the rest of my Blood Angels. This was my first run with the Mephiston Red Citadel spray. Based it with black and hit it with 2 coats of the Mephiston spray. Going to his this with a coat or or two using the airbrush to darken it up before doing the detail work on it. Would love to get some FW Blood Angels doors to put on it, but I’ll have to save that for the next one.


These gentlemen are just about finished up. Little more detailing to do on them before finishing the bases, but overall I’m very happy with the way they came out. Still debating about adding some glow and energy arcs on the Thunder Hammers, but for now I’m going to leave them. Four of them have the old resin, Imperial bases on them. I had them floating around in one of my drawers so I figured what the hell.

Depending on what kind of free time I hope to finish this unit up through the rest of the week and the weekend. As for next week, I’m going to be a nice big brother and built and paint up a Talos Pain Engine for my sister’s Dark Eldar. Honestly though, it’s more for me than her. Always wanted to paint up a Talos.

What’s on your bench this week? What have you been working on? Leave a comment and let me know!

Gru’s Hobby Bench 1/18

At the beginning of the month I wrote an article about hobby plans for the year. Unfortunately I’ve kind of pushed the blog down the list to get more painting and building done. Fear not! This is what I HOPE to be a weekly post. Essentially all I hope to do with this weekly post is just give a rundown of what I’m currently working on and what I’ve finished hobby wise. So let’s get right to it!


Not going to go into too much detail with these guys yet, but this is a 2000 pt Ork list I’ve built for playing games in my gaming group and pick up games down at my FLGS. Nothing fancy, just a simple, fun Ork list. I went through and gathered up all the models for the list, some painted, some primed, some still gray. I had to build a big mek in mega armor with a KFF and a battlewagon (which I kit bashed a couple rocket launchers for) and added armor bits for the shoota boys since I’m upgrading them with Heavy Armor. Everything is WYSIWYG. This army is something I’m doing a little bit here and there in between other things. I had a ton of boys and meganobz sitting in simple green to strip them down. This weekend I was able to prime everything and then airbrushed kantor blue basecoats on most of it. Need to pick up some more since I ran out. These guys will probably have a little progress each week so you’ll be able to follow along with the progress.


Last year I purchased two boxes of those Pegasus (I think it was Pegasus) ruins to get a little more terrain on my table. I built all 4, but only painted up one. Last year I really made a push to get all of my terrain painted up for my table, and did a pretty good job of it… with the exception of these last three ruins. For this week’s bench article I decided to give a quick run through on how I did them. After assembly I primed them black. Then used Citadel’s Mechanicus Standard Grey to spray them down with a quick base.

The spray is a huge timesaver, hit them each with two quick coats and it gave me a nice base for the ruins.


After the base coat drys all you’ll need is a wash and dry paint. I like the agrax as a wash for these because it darkens and gives a good old weathered look over the grey.


Nothing special with the wash, just put it on a brush and slapped it on. Some spots built up a little more than others, which I like. I did make sure to work the shade into all the cracks though to make them stand out. This is probably the longest stage of the painting process. It’s not difficult, but with all the cracks and splits it takes a bit of time to get them all. (And I probably still missed some spots).


Let the wash dry and then go ahead and use a white or bone colored paint to drybrush all the edges. Don’t need a lot, just slowly build up the color and the contrast really makes all those edges pop.


I know the lighting in the pictures isn’t all that great, I’m working on it… I promise, but as you can see it makes a very serviceable, decent looking piece of terrain. The kits aren’t expensive at all, if I remember correctly I got them on Amazon for around 20$ USD per box. Aside from drying they also really don’t take too long to paint and make table ready. When you’re done you have another piece of cover for you army to hide in on the table!

That’s all I’ve got on the bench today, check back in next week! Also give me a follow on twitter @GruofGrimDark, I’ll usually post of pictures of stuff I’ve been working on during the week. Want to share what you’ve been working on lately? Go ahead and let me know in the comments!

New Year Hobby Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a safe and pleasant holiday. I’m usually not one for new years resolutions, but to be honest I couldn’t come up with anything better to to name this post. I started this blog over the summer with all kinds of intentions and a full head of steam. Unfortunately other things came up and it dropped down on the priority list and sat unused for the past 5 months.

Given that I’ve been able to land myself at least an hour a night (usually more) of hobby time I’m going to use some of it to keep new stuff coming up on the blog. The goal is to get some sort of schedule where I’ll be putting up articles based on different aspect of the game and hobby. One night might be a painting or kit bashing article, then another night have something like a battle report or list article. Although I’ll be honest, haven’t played in too goddamn long so it may be list articles for a while. In the next month or so I plan to get it all fleshed out.

In an effort to try and get you all more excited to read this blog and actually come back to it, here’s a list of things that I’m working on this year and will be sharing on here.

  1. I have a ridiculous amount of orks. I love orks. I love their fluff, I love playing them. Unfortunately, my gaming group consists of Tau, Eldar, Necron and Dark Eldar. So I routinely got my ass handed to me with them. Even though our group doesn’t really do much “competitive” type list building, the strength of those books just puts me at a big disadvantage. However, those piled up losses taught me a lot about what I need to do and how I need to build a list that can at least hang with those armies. Today I scrounged through boxes of all my ork models and sat down with Battlescribe to put together an army I can play against them. I came up with a 2k pt list and got the models together for it. Everything is built and WYSIWYG aside from a Big Mek in Mega Armor with a KFF and a Battlewagon (pretty sure the battlewagon box still has the plastic on it). I’ve come up with a new color scheme for them so I filled up a couple pieces of Tupperware with Simple Green and filled them up. I’ll regularly update as I  progress through the steps with this army.

2. A buddy of mine was reassigned and moved across the country. He didn’t want to take his 40k stuff with him, so I inherited a decent amount of Tau stuff. Honestly, I fucking hate the fish face pricks, but if it’s free it’s for me. At some point I’m going to go through what all is in there and maybe build a list/repaint. The only condition was that I can’t sell any of it in case he wishes to get back in the hobby someday.

3. Blood Bowl. Yes! I know it’s not quite the grimdark, but goddamn is this game fun. I just recently got into it after watching a couple games on Miniwargaming. Since my awesome wife not only tolerates, but encourages my nerdy hobbies I recieved a copy of the new box set for christmas (along with the Death Bowl Season 1 supplement and a box of Scavenblight Scramblers). Played several games over the holidays with family and everyone had a great time. I will at least be doing the hobby progress of my BB teams on here. While my orks are floating in simple green and getting stripped, I’m going to try and get all three teams painted up.

4. Battle reports! This is a maybe, even if it’s only one or two this year I would love to do this. I can’t guarantee how many or the format they will be done in since there is a bit required to do some really nice ones. We’ll see what happens.

5. Narrative campaign. This is something I’ve been working on for my gaming group to do this year. Still kicking around ideas and getting the backstory and setting all written up. We will use this blog to share the progress and story of the campaign as it goes on. Currently shooting for spring to get this kicked off to give everyone time to finish painting their armies up and build/paint terrain.


So there it is, small list but there is plenty to do. Hopefully I’ll be able to provide enough to keep all of you coming back. Any suggestions? Shoot me an e-mail or leave me a comment. What are some of your Hobby goals for 2017?


Blood Angels Patrol

So in my last post I talked about the method to my madness of getting back into the hobby groove. I have finished painting the Blood Angels Patrol list that I have designed, and below I would like to talk a little about it and possibly get some input from you all about it.

Blood Angel 750 Patrol

There it is in all it’s glory. In the future I will add on to these lists and improve them. To keep myself motivated in painting I will only be doing these list articles on armies that I have fully painted. So let’s dive in to my first one.

The size I’m using for these “patrol” armies is 750 points, while less than half the ‘standard’ 1850 or 2000 point lists that tend to make their rounds, theses games can still be fun and make you take a different approach to list building as opposed to larger games.

So, here’s the list…

Blood Angels – Combined Arms Detachment


Sanguinary Priest – Additional Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Digital Weapons (71 pts)


Scout Squad – Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifle x4, Heavy Bolter w/ Hellfire Shells, Sgt w/ Sniper Rifle (96 pts)

Scout Squad – Combat Blades and Bolt Pistols, Sgt w/ Chainsword (55 pts)

Tactical Squad – Heavy Flamer, Sgt w/ Power Sword and Hand Flamer, Razorback (175 pts)

Fast Attack:

Bike Squad – Grav Gun x2, Sgt w/ Combi Grav (108 pts)

Land Speeder – Assault Cannon, Multi-melta (90 pts)

Heavy Support:

Predator – Dozer Blade, TL Lascannon, Lascannon sponsons, Overcharged Engine (155 pts)


I designed this list to be a well balanced, all rounder list. Generally since flyers aren’t taken in 750 games I decided not to worry about anti air.

The general plan with this army is the Scouts snipers can hold a rear objective/cover backfield, and thanks to GW errata they are actually useful again now that they have BS and WS 4. Depending on the board, being able to get them up into ruins or on top of a building will be clutch, giving me 3+ c0ver saves with their camo cloaks. The Predator will sit back as well, prioritizing vehicles and monstrous creatures. The other scout unit will be used by situation. They are pretty useful and cheap unit so they can be infiltrated for an early grab, a throwaway unit to stall an opposing unit, or a late round objective steal.

The Tac marines and Sang priest in the Razorback are going to be used for taking objectives from opponents with infantry sitting on them. If timed right, in theory I can put a Heavy Bolter volley, a heavy flamer template and a hand flamer template on top of a Bolt Bolt pistol, and three double taps from bolt guns onto an enemy unit. The biggest weakness to that, is that they can’t charge if they disembark from the Razorback and can only fire Bolt Pistols as opposed to the double tap. For a low point game, they are pretty durable too, with a 3+ armor save and FNP as long as the priest is still alive.

The bikers and the Landspeeder are tasked with quickly taking objectives, and dealing with elites/heavy/MCs. In a pinch the Landspeeder can deepstrike, although I feel they are usually too fragile and end up just getting shot up the turn they come in.

So that’s a basic run down, I will probably try and play some smaller point games to give the list a couple test runs. (I’ll do me best to document and post the Bat reps here on the blog).

Any comments or opinions I would love to hear them! So leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Getting Back Into the Groove

As every member of the 40k hobby experiences, life has a way of hampering our efforts to get our armies of plastic models painted up and ready to go for the table. Recently I have made it an effort to try and get in at least 30 minutes of brush/modelling time a night.

Hobby Bench.jpg


I own over 5000 points worth of fully built Blood Angels. The purchases were made at a time when my local group of gaming friends and I were playing nearly every weekend. Lists were being made in spare time and models were being put together in an industrial fashion. This was great for being able to field lists that I wanted to play and actually be able to have the models on the table in lieu of having to proxy load outs and using “counts as” units.

This is all well and good until you get an army on the table that is completely gray, or just a few simple base coats. I am by no means a master modeller or painter, so believe me, the quality of my painted models is not close to the highest standard. I do put enough effort into them so that they at least look decent though.

Anyone who has ever played this game can agree that two fully painted armies, playing on a board with fully painted terrain just gets you into the game so much more. I’ve played many a games where certain movements, situations and combats have caused a pause in the game for everyone to pull out their phones, lean in and snap some dynamic pictures of the battle that was unfolding on the table.

It’s for those reasons why here and now I am making an effort to start getting my armies fully painted. As I stated in the beginning of this post, I own over 5k points of Blood Angels, 750 points of Eldar, Over 4k in Orks and a little over 1k of Tyranids. While just about all of my Tyranids are still on sprues, the remainder of my models are pretty much assembled. The idea of getting that many models all painted and table ready is a pretty daunting task. So how do I go about getting started?

The first thing is I am committing myself to spend at least a half hour a night on hobbying. Whether its doing a little assembly, priming, base coating, adding some highlights or applying some shades. Just that little bit of work a night adds up. Just after two weeks I was seeing the progress accumulate even though it didn’t feel like I was really getting uch done. Being as how I work in the structural steel industry, the majority of my work year consists of long hours, working weekends and the general feeling that I’m at my job more than I’m home. Then once I’m home family takes up most of my attention, especially now that I have a little one running around the house who takes up a lot of what used to be my free time, it can be quite difficult to make doing this a priority. What I had to do was force myself to do a little bit before I get to bed at night. It turns out it’s actually better off for me, it gives me at least a half hour to myself to unwind. Thankfully I have a wife who is very understanding of my geeky hobby interest.

Once I was committed the time to it, I needed to come up with a plan that would be an efficient use of that time. I took 3 of the 4 armies (since that is what I have mostly assembled) and designed small 750 point “patrol” lists for them. Luckily, the group I play with is not competitive power gaming (not that there is anything wrong with it, I do enjoy that aspect of it as well). We tend to run fluffy lists and play maelstrom most of the time. So the lists I was able to build didn’t necessarily have to be super point efficient. This gave me my first “milestone” of goals. (I will be doing future posts on each one as well!) Now I have a clear goal of what I need to paint, and from there on it’s just breaking down the method of getting the army done. As I said, I’m not a master painter. I basecoat, shade spots with washes, add some edge highlights and then eventually symbols, insignias and transfers. I won’t be getting featured in White Dwarf any time soon with them (I tip my hat to you guys and gals that do, your work is INCREDIBLE), but they look good on the table and helps get me more immersed in the game.

While painting or modelling I’ll usually have a podcast going on in the background. Ironically, as I was working on my Blood Angels Patrol the Independent Characters Podcast did an episode all about the things I just discussed, and Carl and the gang pretty much talked about the same things I did as well. They go into a lot more detail and describe techniques and methods for mass painting and such, definitely worth a listen for anyone who is caught in the rut of painting or is interested in learning some new ways of doing things. Check them out at They are one of, if not my favorite podcasts to listen to about the hobby.

What all are some of your methods for keeping yourself progressing or getting out of a rut? Feel free to share in the comments!