So in my last post I talked about the method to my madness of getting back into the hobby groove. I have finished painting the Blood Angels Patrol list that I have designed, and below I would like to talk a little about it and possibly get some input from you all about it.

Blood Angel 750 Patrol

There it is in all it’s glory. In the future I will add on to these lists and improve them. To keep myself motivated in painting I will only be doing these list articles on armies that I have fully painted. So let’s dive in to my first one.

The size I’m using for these “patrol” armies is 750 points, while less than half the ‘standard’ 1850 or 2000 point lists that tend to make their rounds, theses games can still be fun and make you take a different approach to list building as opposed to larger games.

So, here’s the list…

Blood Angels – Combined Arms Detachment


Sanguinary Priest – Additional Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Digital Weapons (71 pts)


Scout Squad – Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifle x4, Heavy Bolter w/ Hellfire Shells, Sgt w/ Sniper Rifle (96 pts)

Scout Squad – Combat Blades and Bolt Pistols, Sgt w/ Chainsword (55 pts)

Tactical Squad – Heavy Flamer, Sgt w/ Power Sword and Hand Flamer, Razorback (175 pts)

Fast Attack:

Bike Squad – Grav Gun x2, Sgt w/ Combi Grav (108 pts)

Land Speeder – Assault Cannon, Multi-melta (90 pts)

Heavy Support:

Predator – Dozer Blade, TL Lascannon, Lascannon sponsons, Overcharged Engine (155 pts)


I designed this list to be a well balanced, all rounder list. Generally since flyers aren’t taken in 750 games I decided not to worry about anti air.

The general plan with this army is the Scouts snipers can hold a rear objective/cover backfield, and thanks to GW errata they are actually useful again now that they have BS and WS 4. Depending on the board, being able to get them up into ruins or on top of a building will be clutch, giving me 3+ c0ver saves with their camo cloaks. The Predator will sit back as well, prioritizing vehicles and monstrous creatures. The other scout unit will be used by situation. They are pretty useful and cheap unit so they can be infiltrated for an early grab, a throwaway unit to stall an opposing unit, or a late round objective steal.

The Tac marines and Sang priest in the Razorback are going to be used for taking objectives from opponents with infantry sitting on them. If timed right, in theory I can put a Heavy Bolter volley, a heavy flamer template and a hand flamer template on top of a Bolt Bolt pistol, and three double taps from bolt guns onto an enemy unit. The biggest weakness to that, is that they can’t charge if they disembark from the Razorback and can only fire Bolt Pistols as opposed to the double tap. For a low point game, they are pretty durable too, with a 3+ armor save and FNP as long as the priest is still alive.

The bikers and the Landspeeder are tasked with quickly taking objectives, and dealing with elites/heavy/MCs. In a pinch the Landspeeder can deepstrike, although I feel they are usually too fragile and end up just getting shot up the turn they come in.

So that’s a basic run down, I will probably try and play some smaller point games to give the list a couple test runs. (I’ll do me best to document and post the Bat reps here on the blog).

Any comments or opinions I would love to hear them! So leave a comment and let me know what you think!



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