Got to play my first game since early November tonight. That is way too long to go without getting a game in. Fortunately the holiday business has settled down and our group can get back to playing. Tonight I was joined by Woj and Mike in a 2,000 point Eternal War Crusade mission. Woj brought her Eldar of craftworld Iybraesil while myself each brought 1k from our respective chapters. Obviously I represented Blood Angels while Mike brought his Iron Hands. I’ve played against Woj and her eldar many times, I knew what to expect from the Eldar. However, this was the first time I think I’ve actually played in a game where Iron Hands were on the table. With each of us bringing only 1k in points our list building was pretty limited in respect to the quality of party favors we could bring (Sadly Dante and the Sanguinary guard sat this one out). Iron hands were sporting a sweet Laspred squadron and a Tech Marine so they shored up the backfield and sent LasCannon fire down field all game. The gameplan, Blood Angels would do what they do best, get in their face, tie them up, slow them down and cause pandemonium while the Iron Hands mopped up at range. We had 5 objectives, all were pretty much placed in the middle (we all wanted the carnage). Unfortunately we didn’t get to finish the game. Only  got through three turns since a lot of time was spent talking and catching up, but here the deployments and some of the highlights.


Since I haven’t played in a while I had no problem hauling a FAT Mat and some scenery down to Woj’s place. Pretty simple board we had, no real LOS blocking. Ruins in the middle, various craters and woods around the edges.


We won the roll for first turn and chose to go first. We put the LasPreds behind walls and ruins and deployed around them. Scouts and an IH tac squad in the ruins. A biker squad with grav guns deployed behind each ruin and on the right flank a BA Tac Squad in rhino with an IH Tac squad on foot using it as cover to advance up that side. (There were 2 objectives on the side). An Ironclad Dread roaming our backfield hanging back for when the WraithKnight eventually moved up. 10 Death Company with jump packs were in reserve, as was a Drop Pod with a Furioso in it. I usually like to start with my DC on the board, but with a shit ton of scatter lasers, a Wraithlord, Wraithknight and Vaul D-Cannon going to be deployed I was afraid of them getting shot off the table while moving up.


Woj deployed her Eldar, keeping two units of Guardians behind ruins and statues. Vaul battery in the woods. Dire Avengers posted up in a crater with their pysker attached, Wraithlord in behind a ruin. She also put her Wave Serpents behind ruins right on the line of her deployment zone. Right flank held Wraithguard with D-Scythes and the Left flank had fire dragons on board. Being as we had first turn, a decent number of fast moving relentless grav shots, snipers and a LasPred Squadron (with monster hunter) she decided to put her Wraithknight in reserve. There was unit of 3 war walkers behind the statue with screening her guardians.


I made a ballsy decision to put my drop pod down dangerously close to the table edge in an attempt to get her warlord on first turn, and put a drop pod on that objective to draw the the attention of one of her heavier hitting units during a future shooting phase. Thankfully it didn’t scatter and the furioso waltzed out to do what he does best. Frag cannon made very short work, of the guardians shielding the Farseer and a failed Look out sir and invul save doubled him up for the instakill. Heavy Flamer mopped up the rest giving us First Blood and Slay the warlord on top of turn one. Also it put a very dangerous threat in her backfield. That was OK though, he did his part and if he survived the first turn everything after was a bonus. LasPreds fired on the Wave serpent with the Wraithguard but cover saves kept it from losing all 3 hull points. That was target priority, if they got into range with those D-Scythes it was gg for us. Rhino advanced up the flank with Iron hands slogging behind it using it as cover and some LOS blocking. One biker squad moved up to the center behind the ruins there. Nothing else really significant happened the rest of the turn.


One the Eldar turn, Wave Serpent moved up the right side of the board, the other turned and fired it’s bright lances at the Furioso and thankfully missed, requiring Woj to use  other units to fire that she planned on marching up the board at us. The war walkers and Wraithlord were both needed to take down the Furioso. Wraithlord glanced and then destroyed it’s frag cannon with a bright lance. War Walkers  put 24 scatter laser shots into the rear armor and wrecked it. During the pyschic phase the dire avengers were concealed giving them a nice cover in their craters without needing to go to ground. The Wave serpent on the right flank fired it’s serpent shield and smoked the three biker in the ruins in the center.


Turn 2, Death Company came in. I was going to deepstrike them onto the ruins, you know… the ones you see at the bottom right corner of this picture. Given they couldn’t assault this turn at least they’d be in some cover if the Wraithknight came in. Apparently since the dice gods gave me a no scatter on the gutsy Drop Pod Deep strike, they decided to taketh away on this one and scattered my DC 11″ smack dab into open ground, surrounded by Eldar. Tried to run with them to at least get them over the wall but a 1 reared it’s ugly head and they were stuck in the open.


Since the LasPreds were most likely going to pop that wave serpent the Rhino moved up and the marines on board piled out setting up bolter line to fire on those Wraithguard. Preds popped the Serpent and they had to disembark, Woj was tactical with her disembark cutting off some LOS on a some. Bolters against T6 and 3+ Sv isn’t ideal, but all that fire was able to get one at least. Snipers were able pick off a few Dire Avengers, but they held. We actually didn’t have a single failed Ld Check the whole game on either side.


Kept everything dug in awaiting that Wraithknight to come in from reserves. Dice gods came through for the Imperium and kept it off the table another turn.


Eldar turn 2… I was sure my Death Company was going to be shot off the table… and goddamn… those psychotic lunatics took fire from a guardian squad, a Dire Avenger squad, 3 war walkers (each with two Scatter Lasers), A vaul battery D-Cannon (lucky scatter forced that shot into nothing) and a Wraightlord. All that shooting and they only lost 5. I was waiting for the assault phase and expecting everything to pile in but being as how it was late I’m going to ahead and thank the combination of beer and fatigue that Woj didn’t think charge anything on them. The wave serpent with the fire dragons moved up the left side of the board.

(Sorry but most of the pictures I took at this point are ridiculously blurry so I’m not gonna upload them)

Top of our turn 3 the Laspreds blew up the Wave serpent, and pot shots were taken by the snipers at the Fire Dragons. Bikers moved up and threw a salvo of grav into the wraithguard killing all but one, and the tactical marines put enough bolter shots on that we rolled enough 6s to get an armor save fail. DC charged the walkers and smashed all three with ease. My consolidate was a low roll so I was only able to back up an inch by the statue.


Turn 3 for the Eldar, Wraithknight (How badass is that model!?) strode onto the table pretty much sealing the Death Company’s fate. The cannon blew up the Drop Pod on that back objective which was picked up by the guardians. Wraith Lord moved up Fire Dragons advanced, and warp spiders teleported into our backfield.

By the end of turn 3 it was after midnight and we ended up calling it. The next two turns would have been some solid carnage, and the game probably would have come down to the wire. Didn’t mind though, was my first game in a too long and I was happy to just get some models on the table and roll some dice for a bit. There will be plenty of games in the near future as well as more of these battle reports. Any comments or suggestions for format or how I do them is more than welcome!

In the coming months our group will also be starting a full on story driven narrative campaign! I hope you all will enjoy it and follow along as we update and play through it. In the next few weeks the first post will go up for it introducing the plot, armies, and characters.

Coffee is starting to wear off so it’s time for me to call it a night. I saw on twitter some of you were playing games tonight, how’d they go? Leave a comment and let me know. I’ll be back Wednesday for another edition of Gru’s Bench.




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