The Brush Wizard

Scott is an incredible artist who does a lot of amazing work on chibi figures, also has a really solid Skitarii force he’s working on.


Sophie is just getting her site up and running, phenomenal sculptor. Currently working on a heavily customized pirate themed ork army.

Feed Your Nerd

Greg has one of the coolest (and most weathered) Bad Moon armies I have ever seen. Check it out to see a amazingly painted (and well photographed) army.

Chapter Approved Podcast

Need  something to listen to during a quick commute or have a half hour to kill? Give Chapter Approved a listen. Tibbs’ podcast are the perfect quick listen for the casual crowd, with interviews from people involved in different aspects of the hobby.

Rainbow Warriors Project

Painting an army for a great cause. It is a privilege to be a part of this group of extremely talented artists and people. Check here for updates and the chance to not only donate to a good cause, but have a chance to win a pretty great looking army.